Video: Jjawo Ama** Go- Bad Black’s scathing attacks leave Zari’s jaw dropping dead

Ugandan showbiz has two queens of the vulgar and obscene category who are Full Figure and Bad Black. The two are not afraid to let loose their mouths and let them go on a rant.

It was the same as Bad Black let her mother diarrhea-te verbally during the recent Blankets and Wine concert over the weekend.

The faded socialite was in the company pf South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

A journalist seemingly wanted a word with the pair but Bad Black seed her moment around Zari and wasn’t going to let anyone take it way from her.

She told the journalist to take away their sh*t and not bother them since they had come to have a good time.

This comment left Zari shocked and holding her hand over her face. Well that’s the original unfiltered Bad Black for you boss lady.

Bad Black of late has become a tight friend to Zari and the two now look inseparable.

The ex convict and thigh vendor has been fighting Zari’s cyber wars and continues to do so.

Written by Aine Siggy

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