Only 70 people turn up for Pallaso’s concert as he’s compared to OS Suuna

Singer Pallaso might be the hottest singer at the moment but he faced it rough on his recent concert.

The concert that took place in Kiboga only had 70 people and majority of these were hawkers.

Pallaso nonetheless stepped on stage and sang for the handful of people that made it there .

It should be recalled that the Baleke Abo singer recently failed to show up for a show in Kyotera in Masaka.

This left the furious fans destroying the property at the venue. Fans now in different areas where he’s organized fear for the worst that he might fail to turn up and have their hard earned money wasted.

Events promoter Abitex came out to say that the artist is now starting to misbehave but he needs to tame his ego.

According to Abitex, Pallaso is on the same level as Omulangira Suuna and he can fade anytime.

“Pallaso is turning out to be another problem in the industry. He’s absconded about five shows in just this month yet his fees are so high. He’s an indiscipline and greedy fellow but he should tame his ego. Most promoters are now counting losses and hiding. We have always advised them but they say we have aged out now see what they are going through. Pallaso now deserves to be paid 3.2 million shillings instead of the 9 and above he’s been getting paid. This should even be in town and not upcountry because he has no influence through his music,” Abitex said.

The singer however says promoters should stop jumping their lane and hiring artists they can’t afford.

Written by Aine Siggy

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