Video: Diana Nabatanzi allegedly mocks Lwasa’s break up with Angel

People who devised sayings and riddles always knew what they were doing as these seem to perfectly work in the current world we live in.

And as the saying that he who laughs last, laughs best, it seems BBS presenter Diana Nabatanzi is indeed having the last laugh as far as Masaka based tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa’s relationship with wife Angel Kwakunda is concerned.

Lwasa, dragged, humiliated and embarrassed Diana Nabatanzi at any opportunity he could get when he had just married Angel.

Lwasa branded Nabatanzi a gold digger, thief who refused to give birth for him. He added that he would make sure no man in Kampala ever dates her as he added that he would release her s3x tape.

When a random internet s3x tape was released alluding that it’s Nabatanzi, Lwasa corroborated it saying that she was the one even when it turned out she wasn’t.

However, Lwasa a few days ago broke up with his wife Angel who he had made sure to rub in everyone’s eyes.

During her show on BBS TV, Diana seemed to hit at Lwasa by sending out shootouts to all those who made ceremonies and the photos didn’t turn out good because they were dancing and singing to songs directed at their exes.

Written by Aine Siggy

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