Kapa Cat ready to sue Bugiri promoters for crushing her car

Singer Tumusiime Catherine known by her stage name Kapa Cat is on the road to sue Bugiri promoters who crushed her car.

Kapa Cat’s car was crushed over the weekend but angry fans who were ready to see her at the concert and she didn’t appear.

According to Kapa Cat, she reached the place early enough but promoters didn’t let her get on stage and later initiated fans to crush her saying she has refused to perform.

In an interview with Sanyuka Television, Kapa Cat said she has given Bugiri promoters an ultimatum of 20 days to repair her car and give her the balance that was remaining or other wise they will pay too much money.

Angry Kapa Cat said the promoters in villages use artists to get money from fans.

“I have give Bugiri promoters they know themselves only twenty days to repair my car and also pay me my balance. Disrespecting artists is going to stop with me. If they don’t pay me early, they will pay more than they expect” Kapa Cat said while having an interview with Sanyuka Television.

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