Video: Etania Mutoni hides away from Zari behind toilet door

Whoa how easy it is for a dog to bark at an elephant but when the elephant comes over, the dog coils it’s tail and hides away.

It seemed the case with NTV presenter Etania Mutoni who decided to take refuge of a toilet door on spotting socialite Zari Hassan.

It should be recalled that Etania drew social media backlash a few days ago when she said that Zari pretends to be a queen yet she behaves like a low life ghetto dweller.

This did not please the Zari diehards such as man-woman Keem Love who decided to air Etania’s past dirty linen.

As Zari took selfies with several slay queens at the recent Blankets and Wines, Etania didn’t dare come close to her even though she was around and seemed interested.

Her friends called her but she seemed a bit scared as she hid behind a door.

Watch video below:

Written by Aine Siggy

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