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Behave well you are not special – Abitex tells off the Mayanja brothers

Events promoter and the president of National Promoters Association has openly told the Mayanja brothers to start behaving well because they are not special

The Mayanja brothers include singer Weasle real name Douglas Mayanja, Pallaso real name Pius Mayanja and Jose Chameleon real names Joseph Mayanja.

This came after different promoters complaining about Pallaso for receiving their money and failing to perform at some concerts.

According to Abitex, the Mayanja brothers tend to take the music industry as theirs not knowing that there are people who are even better than them.

Abitex said the Mayanja brothers need to behave well or other wise they be banned from performing at any concert for two years.

“The Mayanja brothers, Pallaso, Weasle and Jose Chameleon need to behave well. They problem is that they think they own the industry. I am telling them as an elder, their pride will take them no where, they should learn to respect people or else they will not perform anywhere for two years,” Abitex said

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