I can never apologize to NUP supporters – Zahara Totto reveals

NBS Television presenter and now a DJ Zahara Totto is not happy with National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters.

This came after NUP supporters chased Big Eye StarBoss and Catherine Kusasira from Mathias Walukaga’s father’s burial because they support the ruling party NRM.

Zahara Totto said she will not stop talking about their I’ll manners and she will never apologize to them because they don’t provide anything.

“You failures of NUP u will never get an apologgy from me..who is principal to me, does he feed me? You people lemme tell u, u will be fine, Oyo katemba wamweee! As long as president Museveni is still president I don’t care, I even see yo principal is also doing okay, so I dnt see why u people make noise for us, mwewumuzeko bambie.” Zahara Totto said

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