Ykee Benda insists Dre Cali is still under Mpaka Records management

Singer and Mpaka Records Boss Ykee Benda has insisted that singer Katende Andrew also known as Dre Cali is still under his management.

Dre Cali was signed in 2019 and ever since then he has been releasing music.

However in January 2022, Dre Cali flew out to Canada without telling Ykee Benda wether he is going to come back or stay their for good.

According to Ykee Benda, no matter what, Dre Cali is still a property of Mpaka Records because his contract is still on.

Yes. The name “Dre Cali” is a brand, a trademark, and we own it as Mpaka Records. He still has a running contract with Mpaka,” Benda stated.

By tge time Dre Cali left Mpaka Records, he was almost on top of the game with a lot of investment put in him by Mpaka Records.

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