VIDEO: Don Zella denies Big Eye Starboss fathering her son Brighton

Socialite Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella has come out to clear the air about the father of her children especially the son Brighton.

Ever since Don Zella started dating with singer Big Eye Starboss, Ugandans have been saying that Big Eye is the father of Brighton just because he looks abit dark than the girls.

Aftsr losing the father of her children James Juntenen, Don Zella has said all her children are from one man and that’s the late husband.

Outspoken Don Zella said the only children she has outside her marriage were the twins and unfortunately they passed on.

Don Zella said Brighton is the heir of her late husband James Juntenen because he is the first and only son he left on earth.

“My son Britton Diamond Juntunen is the first born son of James Mathew Juntunen (the late). Big Eye is an Uncle just like Uncle Jose Chameleone and Uncle Kenzo. In America, what determines one’s blood is the birth certificates. Britton’s birth certificate is clearly evident that he is an American and was fathered by my late husband. His dad was a white and I am black, no one should be insinuating about his resemblance to Big Eye anymore. Britton is the heir to my late husband and I will not in any way allow his inheritance slip in his hands by netizens who insinuate rumours about his paternity. Well, I respect Big Eye StarBoss and wish him well, since we had twins together, too bad they passed on.”- Don Zella.”


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