Zahara Toto and workmate DJ Posha almost exchange blows on air – Watch Video

Workmates Zahara Toto and Dj Posha almost exchanged blows live on air. The two ladies who work on the NXT Radio Chillout program got engaged in a heated argument.

Posha is seen telling Zahara to use Twitter mostly to bring following to their show. Zahara declines and goes ahead to say that she will use Facebook because its where she has a big following and the easiest for her.

Posha doesn’t seem to agree and tells Zahara that her following on Facebook has done them no good and she doesn’t care about it.

Zahara retaliates by saying she also doesn’t care about Posha’s Twitter just like she doesn’t care about her Facebook. As the argument gets more verbally heated up, Zahara becomes physical but then walks out of the room to avoid anything regrettable.

Posha who remains in the studio with a one KK the likely producer of the show says that she’s tired of Zahara’s behavior which has been unbecoming for so long.

Watch video below:

Written by Aine Siggy

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