Video- Zari calls short men who gym dwarfs

Socialite Zari Hassan has come out to label short men who gym dwarfs.

The socialite further advised these to stop trying to look like professional body builders.

According to Zari, these end up looking like dwarfs which is not good and she asked them not to take offense.

“Please don’t get offended. If you know you’re a short guy 4.8-5.3, please stop trying to body build yourself trying to look like Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock who is 6.9 or 7 something. Short people who body build, you all end up looking like dwarves. I don’t even know why this thing crossed my mind, just work out to look okay and healthy. People who know me in real life, I’m 5.1. I know my pictures and videos make me look giant-eque but I’m short . There are things therefore I wouldn’t do as a short person. Guys you all end up looking so damn funny and no offense please,” Zari launched a verbal artillery against short people.

Written by Aine Siggy

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