Momo19 resumes fronting her relationship with Daxx Kartel on social media

Former media personality Momo19 real names Mariam Naluwooza has resumed posting her relationship with singer Daxx Kartel.

Momo19 got married to Daxx Kartel five years of courtship but one month after their marriage the two got issues and somehow moved from one another.

Everything escalated through social media and Momo19 reached to an extent of saying she wants to return the dowry that she was given.

However, few months of total silence, Momo19 came out and said she is back with Daxx Kartel and blamed witchcraft for ruining their relationship.

After a long time of not posting on social media, Momo19 has for once decided to post Daxx Kartel again.

“Ramathan Kareem ??

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