Video: Ziza Bafana enjoys soupy babe live on camera

Although being a celebrity has its own problems, one undeniable thing is the sweet things that come along with it.

This involves chewing babes free of charge and unlimited. Imagine you chase and chew them when you’re a nobody, what if your are a somebody with them coming after you, it would be danger.

You cannot therefore fault these celebrities when they go around bonking every beautiful chic they come across.

Dancehall singer Ziza Bafana has in the last few days been enjoying some soupy babes. After almost chewing one live on stage, he took to enjoying another one live on camera in his own home.

A clearly h0rny Bafana can be seen kissing and grabbing this curvaceous chic’s a$$ and then attempting to kiss her.

They later walk off the camera probably to the abattoir to get her slaughtered.

Watch video below;-

Written by Aine Siggy

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