Trouble: Reign reveals how he sired a kid in Maulana’s wife

While appearing in a phone call interview with Sanyuka TV, comedian Reign has revealed how he produced a kid with his partner and workmate’s wife Maulana.

It should be recalled that Maulana and his wife broke up this week. She then came onto TV and revealed how Maulana beats her and has even threatened to kill her some times.

She added that he also started sleeping around and misbehaving after the duo became famous.

The couple however made up yesterday live on TV with the intervention of Mama Fina.

Reign however defended his partner saying that he can’t beat anyone and this is aimed at tainting their name.

He was then asked why he always disorganizes the couple’s home whenever he goes there to visit.

The comedian said that you might find one of the 3 kids Maulana has with his wife is his. Reign also added that Maulana’s kids are his.

“You might find one of Maulana’s kids is mine because his children are mine. I speak this authoritatively as the husband of Maulana’s wife,” Reign said.

Further, Reign also attacked Mama Fina calling her the biggest home breaker in Uganda.

According to Reign whenever women get a small problem, they run to the traditional herbalist who gives them wrong advice instead of sorting issues amicably.

Reign also told Maulana’s father-in-law to come and take his daughter. This was after he said that Maualana has wired his daughter and produced 3 kids from her in just 4 years.

Written by Aine Siggy

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