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Video: Bobi Wine and daughter Suubi discuss North Korea

It seems like Suubi the daughter to singer turned politician Bobi Wine is becoming a world affairs analyst and with the rest of the Firebase CEO’s kids at school, Bobi Wine spends more time with Suubi talking about several things.

The two a few days ago took to discussing Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock. They now took to discussing North Korea and Museveni.

Suubi looked astonished as she told her father about the situation in North Korea where there are no liberties.

“Taata, do you know that there is no Facebook, Instagram, WiFi Twitter or Tiktok in North Korea. There are no people in the streets and when you’re leaving North Korea, they have to check you phone,” Suubi said.

Bobi Wine also told her that if Ugandans don’t fight against Museveni, they will also end up like North Korea because countries ruled by dictators like Museveni are dangerous to live in.

Written by Aine Siggy

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