I hate why I pulled my cookie cheeks- Don Zella cries out as her twinnies cost her job

Just a few weeks after losing her husband James Guntunen, socialite Don Zella has not taken a moment to mourn him for an extended period.

Just as the saying goes ‘let the dead bury their fellow dead’ the socialite is back at doing what she knows best, selling beans.

She took to her social media pages to reveal how she decries the day she pulled her p#$$y lips a popular practice among some Banta tribes.

Don Zella revealed that she had landed a new man. This man however doesn’t like these dangling pairs and has reportedly told her how they are disgusting.

She further revealed how she’s going to go for surgery and have them chopped off.

According to Don Zella, she can’t afford to lose this job because it has a hefty reward.

“Wabula this thing of pulling pulling is abuse ate mugamba omusajja omuzungu omupya tazingobeza here crying ? so loud loud kanonye surgery nzijeko bwe chwee ndiwano ne magaza bwemagaza in a hotel mbu English not speak ? Kyoka bwazisika mbu this is disgusting kati embwa eno njidemu ki? Ate omulimu musava,” she posted on her Facebook page.

Well as some dying to pull their labia, others are crying for having pulled in order to please their men and add the extra pleasure in the game.

Written by Aine Siggy

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