Maurice Kirya takes on Bebe Cool’s advice, set to run for UMA presidency

Soulful music singer Maurice Kirya has decided to take on Gagamel boss Bebe Cool’s advice and is set to vie for the presidency of tue Uganda Musicians Association.

The elections that are set to happen today have seen King Saha and Cindy pick up their nomination forms for the role.

Bebe Cool appearing in a TV local interview revealed how he was disappointed in the available candidates.

The wire wire singer reiterated how Cindy divided musicians in her interim spell while King Saha is indiscipline.

Bebe Cool took it upon himself to choose a suitable candidate and this was none other than Maurice Kirya.

“I always mind several things when choosing a leader and a few of them my brother Maurice Kirya has for UMA president.

He is educated, displined, good conduct, experience, approachable, open minded, welcoming, always listens, taba muntalotalo, exposure, age, and the ability to unite both those who like and don’t like you.

Dear brother, I with due respect request you to accept my proposal for you to be the new UMA president because am sure so many artists in Uganda will agree with me on this,” Bebe Cool’s message to Maurice Kirya said.

The Busabala singer didn’t take long as he decided to pick up the nominations. Kirya said that he thinks he’s seen the ups and downs of the Ugandan music industry.

He further added that he was amazed about the number of Ugandan musicians who had contacted them to lead them and he was going to do it diligently.

“I’ve always been so passionate about Uganda arts, artists, and the Ugandan music industry as a whole. I’ve observed and experienced all the ups and the downs the Ugandan industry has faced and I’m truly amazed by the number of musicians who’ve contacted me and asked me to lead them as the next President of UMA, an important task that know and believe that I’d carry out to the best of my ability.”

“That being said, I’m able and willing to receive the honor to join my brothers and sisters in the race for the next Ugandan Musicians Association President, to unite, develop, and better the music industry. Maurice Kirya,” Maurice Kirya posted on Facebook.

This is likely to be a hotly contested race especially with the addition of Maurice Kirya.

Written by Aine Siggy

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