Video: Bujjingo accuses Kayanja of b#m shafting in war caused by their wives

It seems like born again pastors in Uganda took over the game of beefing from musicians and politicians and have put it to another level.

Most Kampala pastors have become renowned for always bickering and ferociously attacking each other and this is no different in this story.

House of Prayer International Ministries pastors Aloysious Bugingo has come out to tear apart another fellow pastor, Robert Kayanja.

This is a war that was sparked by the wives of the two pastors. Jessica Kayanja wife to Robert Kayanja earlier on referred to Bugingo’s ‘wife’/ mistress Susan Makula as being possessed by the famous evil spirit of prostitution Jezebel in the Bible.

Jessica said that Susan Makula is man snatcher and home breaker as she ripped apart Teddy Naluswa’s marriage with Bugingo yet she was their friend.

She also wondered why Makula pretends to be a marriage counselor yet she’s been dumped by several of her baby daddies who all dump her.

In retaliation, Bugingo decided to fight a man to man battle and make Kayanja pay for his wife’s transgressions of attacking his bae, Makula.

The controversial Bugingo said that Kayanja is a certified bum Shafter who can’t be reprimanded or condemned because of his influence.

Besides most young males who have gone to his church to seek solace and comfort have ended up being bonked by rhe pastor.

“There is a fake pastor who speaks fluent English and when you hear him speaking you may think he has Jesus in him. Many Ugandans have fallen victims to his bad deeds because he is a gay. He uses his followers and they have no where to report him,” Pastor Bugingo said.

Kayanja has over the years been accused by fellow pastors and some sections of the public of being gay.

Written by Aine Siggy

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