Martha Mukisa denies Eddy Yawe her b3ans, Yawe confiscates their collabo

There have always been reports on how established musicians, songwriters, producers Djs and media personalities sexaully take advantage of upcoming singers especially the female ones.

This is something that is hardly given any ear since the victims are majorly about making it to the top therefore not coming out to lodge official complaints.

Besides those who few come out never get justice which discourages the others.

Now news coming in indicates how veteran singer Eddy Yawe allegedly confiscated his collabo with upcoming and budding singer Martha Mukisa.

The two had earlier released a master piece titled Neteze which was already doing well on YouTube and other media outlets.

Yawe however allegedly pulled it down from Martha’s page and uploaded it on his own channel as he wants to be the sole beneficiary of the song.

It’s said that Yawe wrote the song entirely but has left the management of Martha Mukisa cursing why they ever worked with him.

While speaking to Galaxy FM’s correspondent, one of Martha Mukisa’s managers Norman Brain said that Yawe started acting weird just when the audio was released.

He would arrange late night countless meetings. They had however already detected something fishy about Yawe who is Bobi Wine’s elder brother and refused to attend them.

Besides Yawe refused to contribute a single coin to the video shoot yet he wanted it to be classy.

“Yawe is not an easy chap to deal with. Selfishness runs in his blood. We kowtowed to everything he asked us, but still he  toyed and played us. He wasn’t a team player from the on set, setting tough terms and conditions for us which we had to follow painstakingly for both parties to benefit and have a successful project. He even refused to contribute any single coin to the video shoot,” Norman said.

He added to Galaxy FM that Yawe at one point started bad touching Martha Mukisa which all showed his unprofessionalism.

“Yawe is not professional at all. During the video shoot, he was all over Martha, touching her on her soft parts in a disrespectful manner! He wanted the artist to join him in his slaughter room after the shoot. Can you imagine? We couldn’t allow that to happen, and that could be the reason why he is sulking to date, and striking our artist’s YouTube channel,” he added.

All their attempts to reach an amicable agreement with the veteran singer have been futile.

Written by Aine Siggy

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