Cindy blames Bobi Wine’s NUP for UMA’s problems

Singer Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy who is seeking reelection for the UMA presidency has come out to blame the failure of the Association on fellow singer turned politician Bobi Wine and his NUP.

It should be noted that Bobi Wine in 2017 joined active politics after being elected the Kyadondo east legislator.

He later however expressed interest in the presidency and contested in 2021 under his NUP losing to NRM’S Museveni.

Bobi Wine however influenced a number of artists with majority rallying behind him and some even contesting for different political offices.

NUP supporters and its administration however have constantly harassed all those opposed to them.

This saw politics infiltrate the music industry and can’t be done away with now as they are intertwined.

Cindy believes that politics has created disunity among the music industry as artists subscribing to NUP and NRM can’t seem to get along.

“Politics keeps dividing musicians based on their political parties. For instance, some artists front opposition values and others are hell bent on NRM, with intent to show power,” Cindy said before she noted that the concerned parties are tirelessly working around the clock to weed out the differences between artists. 
“..But we have been working hard to resolve those differences among our members,” she added. 

She’s up against King Saha who clearly is a NUP and Bobi Wine supporter. He was also this week endorsed by Bobi Wine in the race for the UMA presidency.

Written by Aine Siggy

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