Video: Ugandan underage school girl warns married women on snatching their men- finally apologizes

Social media has really portrayed to us the kind of situations we live in. We have been able to know the kind of people we live with everyday.

And it’s no doubt that the current crop of kids has gone way overboard and is spoilt (without beating around the bush).

This is all in the name of content creation but some actually do the things they say online.

An underaged school girl caused social media uproar in a video that surfaced online recently. In this video, this girl in a school uniform warned all married women to safe guard their men because they (school girls who are fresh) are coming back home.

“Tighten your husband’s because we are coming back home,” she said as a friend of hers in the video corrected her by saying that ‘we are actually already back home.”

The girl who appeared to be the baddest in the video came out however later to apologize saying that whatever she said in the video was unintentional and not meant.

Besides this has damaged her relationship with her parents, tainted hers and her school image.

“I am not willing to break anyone’s marriage and I am not willing to spoil anyone’s relationship. The video was recorded out of excitement. There was nothing serious in the video but just fun. I am sorry to anyone who has watched. I regret spoiling not only my name but also my parents’ and the image of the school. I apologize,” she said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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