Wives complaining about Kameeza money given simple trick to tame their men

This week saw a number of women take to Kampala streets with placards showing how they are dissatisfied with husbands abandoning their roles.

These said that side chics have destroyed their marriages and can no longer tolerate them.

They also wanted their husbands to increase Kameeza money. Men also through different platforms gave reasons why these side chics have conquered them.

Wives and all women with men have now been given simple tricks on how to keep their men coming back home.

KFM presenter Doreen Nasasira said that the trick is Royco Muchuzi mix. Funny but true, she said that putting enough of the spice in the food keeps these men onto their toes coming back home.

“If we want our husband’s home, let’s put Royco in their food. They will come back,” Doreen Nasasira said.

Traditional music singer Annet Nandujja also emphasized Doreen’s point saying that women should learn how to cook.

And by this, they shouldn’t forget their Royco which should be put in food in plenty.

“Women should learn how to cook. Put Royco Mchuzi mix in your food. You won’t complain about your husband’s not coming back home,” Nandujja also added.

Well whether they meant the actual Royco we know literally or if it was symbolic, you at least have somewhere to start from.

If it means smearing yourself with the ingredient just go ahead and do it and see how that son of Adam won’t come back to you rushing.

Written by Aine Siggy

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