Video: Ugandan Dubai sumbie vendor has 100k dollar note pulled out of her V as she was stealing it

Well well crazy things do happen and this one is as crazy as you would never imagine.

A video that surfaced on social media has left people speechless after the contents that were in it left everyone shocked.

A Ugandan sumbie vendor by the names of Brenda Miles appeared in this video and what was being done to her is unimaginable.

First things first, Brenda is said to have stolen money that belonged to one of her clients amounting to 100 dollars.

She then stuck it deep inside her V@gina rooms. This man who was thugged seems to have already known such tricks and he made sure to recover his money.

He stuck his fingers deep inside her p#ssy and retrieved his money from her cookie. All along everything was being recorded live on camera and you’re about to witness it yourself below.

Click link below to watch video.

The said Brenda however through a Tiktok video denied being the culprit and warned off everyone to leave her alone.

Those who don’t know Brenda should check through some of Pallaso’s videos while performing in Dubai a few months ago.

She’s the girl that jumped onto stage and almost chewed him live.

Written by Aine Siggy

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