King Saha is far better than Cindy Sanyu – Full Figure

Presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure real names Jennifer Nakangubi has come out to lobby for King Saha in the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

King Saha was officially nominated to stand as UMA president alongside Cindy Sanyu and very many people have gave in their opinions.

According to Full Figure, artists should vote King Saha because he is better than Cindy Sanyu.

Motor mouthed Full Figure said Cindy has not time to concertrate on music because she uses her time to hate o younger artists like Spice Diana and Sheebah.

“Artists should vote King Saha because he is better when compared to Cindy. Cindy Sanyu has not achieved anything during her term besides beefing with fellow artists like Sheebah and Spice Diana,” Full Figure said.

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