The whole truth about Mr Lee And Diana Nabatanzi Introduction

Speculation has been surrounding singer Mr Lee of B2C’s relationship with BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi.

It has been rumored for sometime that the two have a romantic relationship and are soon set to legalize their bonking at Nabatanzi’s home.

However, according to gossip motormouth Zahara Toto nothing about these rumors is true. Zahara claims to be a close friend to Mr Lee and says that she hasn’t caught a word of this.

Besides none of the people close to Mr Lee know a thing or two about this Introduction.

Zahara Toto however advised Mr Lee not to to think of marrying Diana Nabatanzi because she’s too old for him but he can only chew her and even get her pregnant.

“It is a hoax, nothing like introduction or Kukyala preparations. Mr Lee might be intimate with Diana but he is not planning to marry her. Even if he made her pregnant, I don’t recommend him to marry her.

She is too old for Mr Lee. Ssebo Lee, I don’t recommend you to marry that old woman. She is too old for you. You deserve a better woman,” Zahara Toto said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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