Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendrick on why he pulled out of UMA vice president race

Singer Allan Hendrick Ssali also known as Pepper Daddy a son to one of the biggest artists in Uganda Bebe Cool has revealed why he is no longer contesting as the Uganda Musician Association (UMA) Vice president.

Pepper Daddy picked the nomination forms and was later officially nominated by the executive board.

His fellow contestant Khalifa Aganaga said he is not fit to contest because he is still young in the industry without any hit song.

That not being the reason, Allan Hendrick came out and said he is officially pulling out of the race because he is too big for the position.

Pepper Daddy said he was supposed to contest as the President because that’s what is fit for him not the vice president seat.

“I made a mistake to contest for Vice Presidency. I should have gone for Presidency. I am big enough to be a president. I will contest next time for that position,” he revealed.

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