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VIDEO: Jose Chameleon attacks NUP supporters

Singer Joseph Mayanja also know as Jose Chameleon is tired of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters behavior towards him.

When Jose Chameleon joined NRM after being denied a NUP card, he was trolled on social media to the extent of warning him not to step on stage again.

Of course being a super star, its his job to sing and he continued doing that.

As we was performing at Gen Muhoozi’s birthday party, Jose Chameleon said NUP supporters should stop the familiarity and telling him about Kamwokya because he is singing for his friend.

I’m here to sing because of my friend Toyota. You all remember he gave me a Range Rover. Some of you were not happy. But I don’t care. I am here to sing because of Muhoozi. I make my choices. Some of you want to make decisions for me. I won’t accept that,” he reportedly said.

Why mix politics with music all time. I no longer care about what you say because I won’t contest again. That chapter ended,” he added.

“Some people have been saying that I won’t sing in South Africa or any other places if I perform here at Muhoozi’s birthday, hmmm, no one can bully me. I will perform wherever I want,” he concluded.


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