Video: My long nails can’t stop me from washing my v-Jay- Hellen Lukoma

Singer and actress Hellen Lukoma has come out to hit out at critics who have been criticizing her over her long nails yet she’s married.

Appearing in a YouTube video with KFM and Dembe FM presenters, Doreen Nasasira and Bina Baibe, Hellen said that she’s very good at her marriage.

Questioned about the criticism about her long nails, Hellen said that some people are just so backward and conservative about somethings.

She said that she’s been able to do everything in her marriage with these long nails. From cooking, dressing her kids with pampers and to washing her vajajay.

Lukoma said that these same long nails even stroke and handle her man’s ‘uncle’ and therefore these critics should just let her be.

She actually wondered who between the two radio presenters questioning and her was in a marriage.

Watch video below:

Written by Aine Siggy

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