Tamale Mirundi’s son Tamale Mirundi Junior thumped by girlfriend to pulp

Despite coming from a controversial and motormouthed family, the Mirundi’s seem like the type of people who talk a lot but when it comes to actions, they coil their tails under their bossoms.

News coming in indicates how Tamale Mirundi Junior son to Tamale Mirundi was thumped to pulp by his girlfriend a one Leticia.

Its said that Leticia has for some time been accusing Tamale Junior of infidelity as he doesn’t skip any skirt in front of him.

On the day he got thumped, its reported that he returned home from Gen Muhoozi’s birthday with a munyankore girl.

Leticia got to know of this and thumped Tamale who ran to Police to seek for refuge. He filed a case of domestic violence and even parted ways with his girlfriend since it wasn’t the first time of her beating him up helplessly.

He’s also well known for shafting old women/ sugar mummies such as Don Zella and was even linked to Zahara Toto.

Written by Aine Siggy

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