Video: Mr Lee assures to love Diana Nabatanzi and hurt the likes of Diana Nabatanzi and Kaiyz

There is an ongoing battle between presenters from two different TV stations. And these are Kaiyz teaming up with Zahara Toto at Sanyuka TV against BBS TV’s Diana Nabatanzi.

This all stems from Diana Nabatanzi’s alleged relationship with B2C singer Mr Lee. Rumor has it that the pair are currently dating and chewing themselves hands down.

There was even a rumor that the two are set to hold a private Kukyala. However, Zahara Toto came out to trash all this saying that Mr Lee is a great friend of his and he can’t marry someone like Nabatanzi.

Zahara’s reasons were that Nabatanzi is too old for Mr Lee and even has bad luck.

However, Nabatanzi came out to question why these people are always attacking her despite her silence. She added how they have constantly maliced her but she’s kept quiet and further wondered if it’s their TV station sending her to attack the one she works for.

Now in a YouTube video, Mr Lee has seemingly told the likes of Zahara, Kaiyz and other haters how he’s set to continue loving Diana Nabatanzi.

Mr Lee added that he will infact add in more spices and let the haters hang.

Written by Aine Siggy

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