Video: Fan almost chews Lydia Jazmine’s sumbie on stage

The more female artists keep daring fans, the more these fans will continue exhibiting their h0rn towards them.

And one day a fan will decide to ‘hate themselves’ and do the unthinkable to a musician live on stage.

Such was the case with the talented beautiful songstress, Lydia Jazmine. The Masukka singer almost had cookie licked by a seemingly horny fan.

Jazmine was all dressed up in a skimpy outfit, tight short jeans and short blouse that left her everything all bare.

She then stepped on stage and started dancing seductively in front of this fan. Her centre was directly pointed at the fan’s mouth and he almost chewed her a thing Jazmine seems to have take pleasure in.

It should be noted that sexual harassment of female artists in the oast few weeks and days has become rampant.

This has been hugely blamed on the skimpy dressing of these artists. However these have maintained how they have no intention of changing their outfits as its fans that should control their horn and respect them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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