Zahara Toto tears Diana Nabatanzi apart in fresh attack

Zahara Toto is not yet ready to give up on her new found beef with BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi.

While appearing on the Uncut show together with Kaiyz on Sanyuka TV, Zahara Toto once again tore Diana Nabatanzi again.

She said that Nabatanzi is an old wretched woman. Zahara further said that the Aromatic productions actress isn’t capable of giving birth since she put a family planning coil into herself to stop her from producing for the next 1000 years.

“Lwasa can produce but leave alone that old wretched woman who can’t give birth. She chewed the man’s money for about 5 years plus his businesses but had a coil inside her to stop her from giving birth for 1000 years,” Zahara said towards Nabatanzi.

The beef of the two started last year but became more evident after rumors that B2C singer Mr Lee is set to do an introduction with Diana Nabatanzi.

Zahara Toto said that these were lies and besides Mr Lee can’t marry an old woman full of bad luck.

Nabatanzi also hit back telling Zahara to know that the TV station she works for doesn’t belong to her ancestors and she can be replaced anytime.

She further wondered why Zahara and her coworker are always attacking her despite her silence. It’s even said that Nabatanzi is planning to sue Kaiyz and Zahara for malicious damage on her name.

Written by Aine Siggy

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