The football team that probably has the wrong name

Within the German football system it is possible to find some excellent competitions and great teams. When thinking about football in this part of the world, probably many people imagine Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. However, there are many other squads that are worth talking about. Currently, safe online betting Nigeria is available on 1xBet, and this platform has the most important football matches from Germany.

One of these teams corresponds to Tennis Borussia Berlin. Yes, despite its name, this is a football team. While this might be a bit confusing, here we will explain how a football team took the word “tennis” on their name. The 1xBet Nigeria platform offers safe online betting opportunities, which are available on many football matches from Germany and the rest of the world.

History of the team

The squad was created in 1902. However, back then it was known as Berliner Tennis- und Ping-Pong-Gesellschaft Borussia. This can be translated as “Berlin Tennis and Ping-Pong society”. Since then, the squad has been participating in multiple divisions across the German football system. While waiting for the next great German football match, don’t forget to try some great games on the platform.

Across its history, Tennis Borussia Berlin has participated in championships like:

  • the Regionalliga;
  • the 3. Liga;
  • the 2. Bundesliga;
  • and even the Bundesliga during the 1970s.

It is quite admirable that the team survived the period from 1945 onwards. Since that moment, many other sports teams have been forced to merge or to disappear. However, Tennis Borussia Berlin managed to stay afloat. While waiting for the next match of this team, fans can visit the great 1xBet casino and try their great games.

The biggest success of the team

Tennis Borussia Berlin plays its home matches at the Mommsenstadion. This is a venue located in the German capital that has a capacity of approximately 15 thousand spectators. The bookmaker 1xBet app iOS is available for downloading right now, and it offers punters the chance to wager on the contests of this team.
This venue saw what probably was the best period in the history of the team. Specifically, between 1998 and 2001, the team was in the 2. Bundesliga. In fact, they made it into the top half of the competition by mid 1999. However, since then, the team started a steep decline. In fact, they were taken into lower divisions due to economical problems. Those who wish to wager on those football teams can grab the iOS version of the app of the 1xBet bookmaker and casino.

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