The freak accident of Romain Grosjean

The 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix was supposed to be a Formula 1 party. Many people looked forward to enjoying this race. At the end of the event fans were delighted with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fighting for first place. Currently, 1xBet is one of popular betting companies in Ghana, and Formula 1 fans can use it to wager on all Grand Prix.

However, a tragedy was narrowly avoided at the beginning of the event. It turns out that French driver Romain Grosjean had a serious crash just a few seconds into the Grand Prix. By sheer miracle he managed to escape from it without serious injuries. However, many people argued that a much more serious outcome was clearly possible. Among the betting companies in Ghana, 1xBet is definitely one of the most popular, it has one of the best sections dedicated to Formula 1.

An almost tragic beginning

As always, the race started with all drivers very close to each other and trying to avoid collisions during the turns. However, Grosjean was unable to prevent his car from colliding with Daniil Kvyat’s vehicle. This sent the Frenchman’s car directly into the crash barrier located at the side of the track. For wagering on the best Formula 1 events, the is the best place to do so.

The accident took place less than 20 seconds into the Grand Prix. People immediately feared the worst, as a huge fireball was visible from where Grosjean’s car impacted the barrier. Fortunately, the medical car, which always follows the Formula 1 cars in the first lap of every race, was directly behind Grosjean.

Alan van der Merwe, who is the driver of the medical car, immediately steered the vehicle to the crash site. They arrived there in less than 10 seconds after it occurred. Both van der Merwe and doctor Ian Roberts descended from the car and immediately went to help Grosjean. To wager on all Formula Grand Prix, the excellent 1xBet platform can be an incredible place to do so.

A daring rescue

A few seconds later, the unthinkable occured. Grosjean was seen coming out from the fireball. It is possible to 1xBet app download to your phone now, which allows members to bet on all Formula 1 events from mobile devices

He was helped by Roberts and van der Merwe into the medical car. The vehicle immediately left and took the driver to an ambulance that was already waiting. There were many aspects that saved Romain Grosjean’s life, which include:

  • the halo device that surrounds the cockpit of all Formula 1 cars;
  • the quick escape made by the driver;
  • and the immediate assistance of Alan van der Merwe and Ian Roberts.

Grosjean escaped with no serious injuries. As it can be seen, Formula 1 can be very dramatic, and you can download the 1xBet app to your phone now, and start betting on it.


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