The Köbi Kuhn career

Jakob Kuhn, better known as Köbi Kuhn is recognized as one of the best Swiss football coaches ever. Currently, is one of betting sites in Kenya, and it allows its members to wager on everything related to Swiss football.

Kuhn is perhaps better known for coaching the Swiss national squad for seven years, between 2001 and 2008. However, there were many other excellent things about this exceptional former player and coach. Whenever the Swiss national team is in the field, the 1xBet Kenya platform, which is one of the best betting sites in the country, offers wagers on it.

A fantastic FC Zürich player

Kuhn had a playing career that lasted between 1961 and 1977. He spent the entirety of his career in FC Zürich. He was seen as an excellent midfielder who helped his squad to win many local Swiss competitions. The best live betting is on 1xBet, and fans can make it on the entertaining Swiss football championships.

It should be noted that Kuhn was also an international player for the Swiss team between 1962 and 1976. Unfortunately, his international career had some less than pleasant moments.

The Swiss squad had qualified for the 1966 FIFA World Cup celebrated in England. However, coach Alfredo Foni decided to send the then 22-year-old Kuhn home. The cause for that was that the player broke a previously agreed curfew among the players.

However, things didn’t end there, because the player was also suspended for one year from the national squad. Fortunately for him, he returned and played for ten more years for the squad. It is possible to make the best live betting on 1xBet, which also features the Swiss national squad.

An unexpected manager

Kuhn became the coach of the Swiss U-21 team in 1995. He performed quite well on the squad. He helped the team to qualify for the Euro U-21 for the first time in their history. These youth football competitions can also be wagered on at the platform.

In 2001, the Senior national team was looking for a new coach. However, selecting the highly successful U-21 team coach, who has Kuhn, seemed like a good option. He was appointed as manager of the senior team that year. However, there were many people who were highly skeptical about this appointment. Especially when considering that Kuhn had little coaching experience overall.

The results speak by themselves. With Kuhn, the Swiss squad qualified to:

  • the Euro 2004;
  • the 2006 FIFA World Cup;
  • and the Euro 2008.

The performance of the Swiss team in the 2006 FIFA World Cup was quite weird. They were eliminated in the round of 16. However, they left the tournament without conceding a single goal. Fans can wager on these important football championships on the 1xBet betting platform.


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