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Video: Karole Kasita and dancer do bad manners on stage

Well well, it seems like comedy is no longer purely comedy but a sort of an explicit show as there are performances that underage kids shouldn’t be exposed to.

So don’t hear comedy store and go wandering with your kid because you will get shocked.

Singer Karole Kasita who is famed for her energetic stage performance was one of the artists lined up to perform at yesterday’s comedy store and she surely served it hot to the audience.

One of her male dancers almost chewed a female fan on stage. This fan tried to run away from the increased banging from this dancer but the dancer chased her like a bull ready to mount a cow.

This dancer probably had the best time of his life as he danced two female fans who surely might have felt him inside.

It was not only him but Karole Kasita too decided to show what she does and how she likes it.

The singer while performing brought some moves which are honestly not stage fances but bedminton dances.

She even at one time had Daddy Andre giving it to her hot on stage.

All videos and images are courtesy of Galaxy TV.

Written by Aine Siggy

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