Bad Black reveals her lover Asher married her off for 50k

Popular leg vendor Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has revealed that her current boyfriend married her off for just 50,000 shillings.

This was done according to the Islamic practices known as Mahare. And according to Bad Black, they can have s3x from 7pm to 4am because they are legally married.

Furthermore, she said that the reason for this price is because Asher found her already with kids.

“I’m not cohabiting with my man. We are married in the Islamic way and we did this at our home where he gave me Mahare for 50,000 shillings.

It doesn’t matter how much he gave me because what matters is the love. If a marriage is not meant to last and he gives me lots of things, I will still leave him but I love him a lot,” Bad Black said.

The socialite also said that she’s been fasting in this Ramathan period and hasn’t been using vulgar words.

This has therefore made her feel like an angel but she promised to go back to the original her once the fasting is over.

Bad Black also revealed that she’s not been drinking alcohol in this fasting period.

Written by Aine Siggy

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