Video: Daddy Andre and Karole Kasita performance leaves many pocketing and salivating

Absolutely there isn’t a doubt about dancehall singer Karole Kasita’s stage performance leaving you rock hard, the Binyuma singer is one of the few artists that you will appreciate.

Her energetic performance is one to envy for different singers in the country.

She always makes sure to leave the audience wowed and she’s just like her role model Cindy when it comes to firing up the stage.

It was the same earlier this week as she was the headlining act at Comedy Store. She took to the stage to perform her collabo with Daddy Andre and the two really put in some good performance.

This left several people in the audience wishing it was them doing the raunchy erotic dances the two were doing.

Andre reached to the point and felt the heat burning down in his trousers and asked her to stop as he walked off the stage.

Written by Aine Siggy

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