Nubian Li faces eviction from his home

Firebase vice president Bukeni Ali aka Nubian Li is currently facing eviction and jail over the house he currently occupies in Kulambiro- Kisaasi, Kyanja a Kampala suburb.

Nubian Li who is Bobi Wine’s right hand man allegedly bought the said house in 2011 from a one Kayondo Moses in 2011. He proceeded to move into the house with his wife and kids.

However a certain woman by the names of Kayondo Rose who is said to be the wife of Kayondo Moses who sold the house to Nubian Li says that the house was sold illegally.

This is because she wasn’t aware of the transactions and besides her signature was also forged.

Rose also said that she used to bake bricks in 1998 around Kyebando and the money she got was used to buy this plot of land and constructuon of the house.

She took the singer to court in 2011 after finding out her husband’s dirty deals and the two grappled with the case until 2018.

Court then ruled that the Firebase singer had acquired the house illegally. He was ordered to vacate it and pay 26 million shillings to Rose.

Nubian however ignored the court orders and even went ahead to demolish the old structure building a new luxurious mansion.

According to sources, Rose is now seeking 400 million shillings for the structure and land without the compensation for the court costs.

Nubian Li when contacted by the media declined to talk about the matter before saying that Court should be inquired about this matter.

“Why don’t you go to court and get that information that you are asking me,” Nubian Li told our reporter on phone,” the singer said.

Written by Aine Siggy

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