Don Zella’s gets flooded with d1cks after announcing smart wire application

Faded socialite Don Zella is living life large and huge like she’s not a widow. The US born socialite recently lost her hubby and baby daddy but is back to slaying.

She took to her Facebook page to announce a smart wire application saying that she wanted a new man to step in her late hubby’s shoes.

She further revealed how she was going to pay the eventual winner and went ahead to list the qualities she needed.

“Submit your smart wire application

You should be cute
Hold my bag when am living the car
Call me mummy
Provide breakfast in bed
No issues with dogs
Must look nice and representable
Salary 200k a week
Shot put totawana
Submit pictures in my inbox its gonna be a contract date,” Don Zella revealed.

And with many youths in the country interested in being married off by older women flocked the cougar’s inbox and started running riot.

Don Zella further appreciated the numerous applications that were coming in and she revealed how she was going to read one by one until the eventual winner.

Her inbox however flooded with d1ck pics and she took to her timeline to complain about this.

Don Zella told those interested that she had requested for facial pics and not their wires which they were instead sending.

“Banange munzisa obusolo nabagambye pictures as in looks kyoka muwereza zubra nze nzitya njaziba na amaaso mukazi wabandi,” she complained.

She’s famous for dating younger men such as singer Big Eye, Tamale Mirundi Junior among others.

Written by Aine Siggy

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