King Saha plans on making Bebe Cool the weed ambassador in UMA cabinet

Local Afrobeats singer Mansour Ssemanda alias King Saha has revealed his plans of making Gagamel boss Big Size Bebe Cool a Marijuana/weed ambassador.

Saha is not yet the president of UMA but has high hopes that he will win the election scheduled for June.

And despite the vehement criticism towards the Bambi singer from Bebe Cool, Saha says that he’s willing to work with him.

Saha made the comments during an interview with Sanyuka TV’S Uncut show cohost Kaiyz.

It should be noted that whereas most big artists such as Dr Jose Chameleone, Sheebah Karungi, Bobi Wine among others endorsed King Saha for the UMA presidency, Bebe Cool swore not to support his bid.

The Wire wire singer said that Saha doesn’t give a good public image about the music industry because he goes around telling how he smokes weed.

Bebe Cool a few years ago told the singer to limit his intake of the toxicants or else his career was on the demise a thing that didn’t please Saha.

Saha said that if Bebe Cool wanted to advise him, he could have done it privately and not publicly a thing that birthed a beef between them.

Saha however said that he reduced on the intake of these drugs. Besides he wants to appoint Bebe Cool as an ambassador to help fight drug abuse amongst youths especially in the ghettos.

“I think Bebe Cool has taken long without seeing me. I grew up and reduced on the use of drugs. Besides when I win, I really want to work with him because there is a vital role I want to give him. That is sensitising the ghetto youths about the dangers of abusing drugs since its a role he gazetted for himself,” Saha said.

Saha also highlighted the failure to unite artists as one unit as being the biggest hindrance of Cindy’s regime.

Written by Aine Siggy

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