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Stay in NRM, opposition can nolonger trust you – Frank Gashumba to Ronald Mayinja

Social and political analyst Frank Gashumba has a great advice for contraversial singer Ronald Mayinja.

At first Ronald Mayinja was singing in favour of the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) but now he has turned against them.

Ronald Mayinja released another song recently telling President Museveni that Ugandans are tired of him he should leave.

Accordind to social media critics, Ronald Mayinja is targeting government money because the one they had given him is done.

Frank Gashumba added his voice saying Mayinja should stay in one position because if both sides hate him he will not get money.

“If you choose to join NRM, make sure you stay in NRM. At this point, Mayinja has no fallback position except his family. The opposition can not trust him anymore and yet he has betrayed NRM,” Frank M. Gashumba

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