Video: Finally Sheila Nvannungi gets married

We all grew up at a time Buganda princess Sheila Nvannungi dominated the headlines. This was due to a number of reasons such as her music, acting, radio and TV career.

However, what was renowned about her was her intimate life and marital status. A number of theories flew around on why she never got married.

The theories which might need Einstein or Pythagoras to solve them might wait a bit for now as she’s finally found herself a man.

Nvannungi tried to hide this ceremony and keep it a top notch secret as she held the introduction ceremony at night in her parents home.

However, one of the attendees tipped journalists off who snooped around and got a few details.

This man that the former CBS presenter introduced is said to have been with her for about the last 8 years.

He is commonly known as ‘Kabode’ as many people thought that he’s her personal bodyguard.

It’s said by those that have come across them severally that Nvannungi usually introduces her as her brother.

In this dark mode ceremony, Nvannungi vowed to love her new husband to the maximum and treat him with the utmost respect.

Nvannungi also at one time many years ago is said to have dated the former vice president Prof Gilbert Bukenya.

We shall give you further details as they unfold in.

Written by Aine Siggy

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