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Video: Ykee Benda gets rock hard on stage and runs away from dancer

Self styled singer Boy so tender on every girl’s agenda Ykee Benda was put to the test this time round by naughty female dancer Rita Dancehall and he failed to live up to his braggadocio.

Ritah stepped onto the stage after being invited by Ykee Benda himself and she showed him the fire she’s got deep inside her.

This was during a performance of his remake song Obangaina at Galaxy FM’s Zzinafest carnival. The duo danced together erotically with Rita rub-a-dubbing the Farma singer.

Despite always singing that ‘1, 2 I cultivate you’ the Mpaka boss failed to indeed tend to the garden presented to him.

With the mulches having burnt his hoe, the singer decided to run away from it and perhaps lease it to someone else.

It seems every singer knows how Ritah’s mulches can burn the pests and weevils that come close to it.

She was a few days ago seen with singer Apass on stage. The Dididada singer however also feared to get closer to her garden of eden.

Written by Aine Siggy

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