Frank Gashumba is a thief and s3xual predator- NUP dismantles Sheilah Gashumba’s father

The National Unity Platform is not willing to let the opportunity of hitting back at Frank Gashumba passy by.

Gashumba father to popular TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba this week has been maliciously attacking NUP’S hierarchy.

He branded them as moles working for Museveni whose goal was to destabilize opposition a thing they successfully did.

Gashumba also said that he has proof of Bobi Wine’s and Barbie Kyagulanyi’s meetings with General Salim Saleh and State House respectively.

He then said that he will release the evidence to expose NUP from blinding Ugandans that they are in the struggle yet they are not.

When NUP Deputy spokesperson Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro was hosted on Sanyuka TV’S Uncut, he made sure he left no stone unturned in unraveling the alleged filth of Gashumba.

Mufumbiro said that nobody can take the words of a sexual predator and conman seriously.

He further said that Gashumba was fired from NBS a sister station to Sanyuka TV because of sexaully assaulting young girls and conning unsuspecting innocent people.

Mufumbiro wasn’t even done with these as he said that Gashumba is now a mad man being disturbed by poverty.

The Jinja Municipality west MP added that Gashumba despite campaigning for Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is a spy for the first son inlaw, Odrek Rwabwogo.

There have always been rumors how there is a power struggle between Rwabwogo and Muhoozi on who should succeed President Museveni since Uganda is a ‘monarchy.’

“A person like Gashumba has no moral authority to be speaking about NUP or even trying to paint it with dirt. This is because his whole life has been built around a mess and filth.

He was at one time employed by NBS on a program called Eagle but you people fired him reason being that he was conning people of their money and besides he used to sexually harass young girls.

It was Simeo Nsubuga who took him off his job of forgery.

All this is on record and it’s not hearsay.”

“Gashumba has no stand and is always here and there looking for who to steal. In fact you see him campaigning for Muhoozi but he’s spying for Rwabwogo. He hasn’t yet decided on who to back on the two people and you think such a person has credibility.

I wonder how some Generals be, just useless and never sober because they lack intelligence. Imagine failing to identify that Gashumba is spying on you,” Mufumbiro hit back.

Gashumba is not the first person to attack Bobi Wine and NUP and then give up. DP president Nobert Mao months ago had launched a social media war on the Kamwokya based party vowing to tear it down but gave up even before starting the journey.

Written by Aine Siggy

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