King Saha finally follows Bebe Cool’s advice, encourages youth not to use drugs

Singer Semanda Mansour also know as King Saha has finally embraced Bebe Cool’s advice to him of getting away from drugs.

At first in 2019 when Bebe Cool told King Saha not to use drugs, Saha was so much annoyed as he hit back on Bebe Cool telling him to leave his life alone.

He went ahead and made an interview with a local radio station praising marijuana for saving his life during the Covid19 pandemic.

But as King Saha stood to lead artists in UMA as a president, he has reflected on his life as an artist taking in Bebe Cool’s advice at the last minute.

According to King Saha, he now says he doesn’t support anyone smoking or taking drugs because they are dangerous and he advised the youth to start embracing culture.

” I encourage the youth not to use drugs. I don’t support anyone smoking weed because drugs are dangerous to one’s health. I would call upon the youth to just embrace the saving culture,” says King Saha.

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