Video: I’m too sweet and w3t, a one night stand can’t happen to me- Diana Nabatanzi

Well we somehow at least now partly know why BBS TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi has been single for quite this long.

This is because she doesn’t tolerate one night stands and with most Kampala guys h0rn of always wanting to sleep here and there and then run, she doesn’t just open her legs.

Nabatanzi while appearing on the Kasukali program on BBS TV said that she doesn’t tolerate such.

She further added that it has never happened to her and it will never happen to her.

According to Nabatanzi she feels that it’s the biggest offense and crime anyone can do to her.

And if someone doesn’t come back to her, it then means that there is a very big problem which she doesn’t think she has because she’s naturally well endowed.

One of her co presenters asked that maybe her national water would be lacking a bit to which she replied that that can’t even happen to her and perhaps he wouldn’t be the first person to visit her swampy Lwera.

Watch all she said below:

Written by Aine Siggy

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