Pastor Mondo finally accepts to look after his own son

Imagine having to have social media making you look after your own son. This was the case with the ‘man of God’ pastor Mondo Mugisha.

Mondo has been in the news for the past week following the death of his baby mama, Sarah Nakuya.

Nakuya before passing on had accused Mondo of neglecting his own child and even though he had been summoned by Police regularly, he failed to honor his pledges.

An emotional video of his son appeared on social media where he pleaded with his father to come and take over.

The thirteen year old boy pleaded with Mondo and asked him to look after him just as his mother had been doing.

The video left many people emotional wondering why a pastor would forsake his own child. And some even severely criticized Mondo.

The celebrity pastor however seems to have bowed down to public pressure and taken on his son.

As seen through his Facebook page, Mondo welcomed his boy with a post saying “Welcome Home Son.’

Although some commended him for being able to put the grudges he had with his own baby mama aside just as his son had requested, others wondered why even he had to be reminded to take full responsibility.

Well all in all its good that Mondo decided to take over his child and the bygones can just let be bygones.

Written by Aine Siggy

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