VIDEO: Sheebah bitter with men who disrespect her

Singer Kalungi Sheebah famously known as Queen Sheebah is not happy with prominent men who hide under their skins to disrespect women.

This is not the first time Sheebah is addressing men of that caliber, she has always raised her voice over such men.

For this time around, from experience Sheebah narrated her story of how a man people respect in the country tried to touch her over the weekend as she had gone to perform at a certain event.

Sheebah bitterly said men should learn to respect women’s body because they also have daughters and they wouldn’t like it when their daughters are assaulted.


I dont care what you think about when you see me on stage or in any of my videos dressed the way i dress up , You better RESPECT MY BODY. Its MINE, I get to do whatever i want to do with It. You DON’T.
You can watch but you CERTAINLY CAN’T TOUCH. WomenAreNotObjects?,”

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