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Pastor Don El-Martin Ssempa Escobar- Pastor Mondo exposes how Ssempa taught him using cocaine

Not the holy seem so holy and actually seem to be more dirtier than many of us that live secular lives.

According to the revelations that have happened over time, it seems like religious leaders have some of the dirtiest and filthiest lifestyles you could ever imagine.

A latest revelation from Pastor Mondo Mugisha is how Makerere Community Church leader, Martin Ssempa taught him to sniff cocaine.

According to Mondo, he doesn’t recount how he ended up with his late baby mama Sarah Nakuya in bed. He blames this on the intoxicants that Martin Ssempa introduced him to.

Mondo further said that he used to do a lot of dirty things even when he was born again such as heavy drinking, partying and s3x. This is because he wasn’t yet a changed man.

Mondo claims to have a lot of dirty secrets he knows about Pastor Ssempa. He also claimed how the eloquent and authoritative Ssempa used to give this cocaine to MUK students especially during the UMEME strikes at the University campus.

Ssempa’s theory stated that once these were beaten by the anti riot police, they would never feel pain because of being high.

It was Miracle centre cathedral Pastor, Robert Kayanja who delivered and helped him to stop using the dangerous substances.

“The Lord has really brought me from far and if I give my testimony, its a breathtaking one. For instance I used to sniff cocaine which I was introduced to by Pastor Martin Ssempa. I might have met Sarah when I was high and intoxicated because I didn’t date her. We used to do crazy things such as drinking, sleeping around and all crazy sorts of things.

I remember a radio program on Radio Uganda I used to do with Ssempa and it was here that he taught me how to use cocaine. There used to be strikes at Makerere University and he would give this cocaine to students. He said that once these are beaten with huge sticks, they wouldn’t feel the pain since they would be high.

It was Pastor Robert Kayanja that saved me and rehabilitated me. Ssempa needs urgent prayers and he knows that I know a lot of his dirty secrets,” Mondo said.

Mondo said that he won’t believe this 13 year old boy is his until a DNA is concluded. He’s however taken him into his care and a number of family and friends are willing to take him to study from overseas.

Mondo also refuted claims that he wasn’t providing child support. He tasked those insulting him to got to the court in Makindye and track the records.

Written by Aine Siggy

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